A Tale of True Partners

There’s a lot I could say regarding my feelings on partnerships vs. accounts but its warrant in this arena is nil. This is a testament to the type of relationship between roaster and cafe that should be at the core of the blueprint of how business is done in our industry. 

I met Sophie and David after reaching out about potentially featuring their coffee in Arlington Five while doing some consulting for the beverage program, months before making the move into managing the program. Fast forward a few days and we’re sitting down for coffee. An espresso and an Oat milk cappuccino for them, some batch brew for me. I walked into that meeting with no expectations, no solid dates, no promises- just an idea and an open heart. What I left that meeting with was two humans that will forever be engrained in everything Cortado and Culture is/does/stands for. 

For half a year, we grew, we learned, we created, we pushed each other and we watched each other turn out successes with such mutual support and understanding. We made plans, so many big plans. Exciting ideas. Ideas that were put very abruptly on hold amidst all of this pandemic madness. I wouldn’t be sipping this flatty right now and being overly aware of how badly I miss making coffee for my city as I write these words. Of how grateful and lucky I am to be stuck at home under the circumstances that I am; able to prepare the next chapters soundtrack through beverage and to be able to still wake up every day and feel as much a partner to Rabbit Hole as I ever have. We haven’t stopped planning, we’ve just had to become more realistic with the limitations that exist already in the supply chain for the time being. 

We will all come back stronger and more powerful because of bonds like these. We are amidst a turning point and we hold the power to reshape what future generations all across our supply chain and universe consider ‘inherent’. Let’s move coffee all the way to the right side of that.


Love & Natty Flattys<3 C&C