@ A5

We are beyond blessed to have a place to call home and further develop an already thriving coffee program within the walls of Ottawa, Ontario’s Arlington 5. This community forward, inclusive space is so perfectly aligned with our ideals, and we’ve been so lucky to hop into the mix with Jessie and her incredible team. Together with some of the cities most technical, meticulous baristas, we are fostering in a new wave of thinking in Ottawa’s coffee scene, focused on inclusivity on both sides of the counter. We believe in showcasing roaster’s products the way they were intended, and with the utmost care. We hold a very special place in our hearts, and work closely with roasters like Rabbit Hole, JAVA and Chance, who are all beautiful souls doing beautiful things for our industry.

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everyday initiatives @ A5

we believe there is so much the industry should be doing to reduce footprints, and are always working on ways to reduce ours. We run a ‘Loaner Mug’ program, which acts as an honour based take one, leave one, bring one back, bring two back system, and has seen traction since its inception. We will also be joining our Centretown friends at Pressed in upcharging for the use of paper cups. All of our food waste is sent to help feed the pigs at Mariposa Farms. We believe in a cleaner future, and are doing our part in fostering it.