“The best cup of coffee is the one you love the most.”

These words from a former roaster I worked with permeated with me on a level that inherently shaped the course of my journey and intentions in the third wave community. I believe the disconnection between barista and consumer has reached unsustainable levels and it’s time to bring inclusion back to the industry. Coffee professionals are blessed with an inherent surplus of knowledge, yet in most cases and environments that’s where the flow of communication ends. Our goal is to bring inclusion back to the counter, and to spread our passion and love for coffee and the incredible roasters who are sourcing such beautiful crops so transparently, and then treating it with nothing but the utmost love and respect. Our BFF’s over at JAVA Roasters put it best in saying “Good Coffee is a Human Right.” and I believe it’s the responsibility of those on the front lines to take that one step further in remembering that Coffee is Human. From seed to cup, coffee is human at every step of the way, and it’s my mission to treat each story as carefully and thoughtfully as I treat each coffee I bring into an establishment.